American Augers ® 36

American Augers® 36" Auger Boring Machine

American Augers ® 48

American Augers® 48" Boring Machine has around 900,000 lbs of thrust

Auger Boring

Auger boring is a technique used extensively for trenchless installation. The concept consists of jacking the casing through the ground while a cutting head and flighted auger assembly remove the spoils from the face . The spoils are carried back through the casing to the spoils ejector located on the boring machine. There are many different conditions that need to be evaluated in order to utilize the auger boring method. The following considerations are made before choosing auger boring as the appropriate trenchless method:

Installation Considerations:

• Overhead Power Lines – Generally auger boring requires the use of an excavator in order to dig the pit and extract spoils from the pit.

• Soil Conditions – Ground conditions are a very important aspect when choosing a cutting head. In solid rock conditions for example, Aaron Enterprises would utilize a disk cutter head.

• Lubrication – Occasionally soil conditions require the use of a bentonite mud mixture in order to reduce the skin friction between the casing pipe and the material that surrounds it.

• Grade Control – This aspect becomes critical when tunneling around existing structures. Grade is also crucial when installing certain utilities such as gravity sewer systems. In these situations Aaron Enterprises would use a steering head that would allow us to maneuver both horizontally and vertically.

• Ground Water Conditions – After the excavation of a launching pit, crews often find themselves below the water table. A well point can be installed in order to control the influx of water.

• Visible Restraints of Setup Area – Different job site constraints may require special attention during mobilization and pit excavation. Restraints at the job location are an important consideration when using the auger boring method.

Here is a picture of a typical American Augers ® boring machine utilized by Aaron Enterprises. This machine controls the rotational and horizontal forces needed to cut and thrust the design product through the earth. This particular machine (the 48-900) can generate 900,000 lbs. of thrust. The machine is powered by a diesel engine with a transmission capable of exerting 116,000 ft. lbs. of torque.