vertical shaft 1

30 foot deep liner plate vertical shaft

Vertical shaft from the top

Vertical Shafts

Aaron Enterprises has the capability of constructing vertical shafts for various applications. Size and technique is usually limited to those parameters used in our horizontal applications, namely the use of liner plates in the 4' to 16' diameter range. The removal of spoils is accomplished using hand tools and both mechanical and vacuum excavation equipment.

Vertical shafts are inherently dangerous places to work. Our staff is thoroughly trained in "confined space" entry procedures and work under very strict guidelines set within the company. A crewmember is posted above the shaft at all times to watch over the men working below and to give assistance in an emergency. Air quality in the shaft is monitored constantly to check for harmful gases. All of our guidelines comply with the rules and regulations set by OSHA.

Installation Considerations:

• Overhead Power Lines – An excavator or tractor backhoe is usually required for "craning" operations and spoils removal. The presence of power lines overhead can greatly restrict the use of this type of equipment.

• Soil Conditions – The type of material being excavated is probably the most important factor in choosing the proper method of excavation.

• Ground Water Conditions – When excavating below the water table, the control of groundwater infiltration is of paramount importance to the successful completion of the project. Consolidation grouting or the installation of well points is often used to help manage excess water intrusion.