Trench being dug

Rock wheel being used to excavate trench


Trenching, also referred to as "open cutting", is a common technique used for utility installation of gas, water, sewer, and electric lines. This methodology consists of excavating the ground material along the designated alignment and to the design gradient. The product material is then installed and bedded in proper backfill material. The remainder of the trench is filled and compacted to the final grade elevation. This type of work is done regularly by both Aaron Enterprises and its sister company, Shiloh Paving and Excavating.

Installation Considerations:

• Overhead Power Lines – Generally trenching requires the use of an excavator in order to dig down to design grade. Overhead power lines are always a concern during a commonly fast moving operation like trenching.

• Soil Conditions – Ground conditions are a very important aspect when trenching. Solid rock conditions would require the use of dynamite to break apart the material. See blasting.