Vaccum Excavator picture

Vacuum Excavation truck being used to remove spoils from a bore pit

Aaron Enterprises Vac Truck

Vacuum Excavation

In 2003 our firm began offering vacuum excavation services. This relatively new concept is a safer excavation alternative when compared with using a backhoe. The versatile tool has been used to quickly locate and expose existing underground utilities. It has been used to remove sediment in and around manholes, catch basins and substations. The Mud Dog has vacuum pump capabilities up to 28" Hg and 6000 cfm. Our firm commonly uses the Mud Dog for tunnels, vertical shafts, slot trenching, potholing, and test pitting of utilities.

Aaron enterprises uses a vacuum excavator to also supplement their directional drilling operations and remove mud from the mud holding pit and take the excavated material to a local waste disposal facility.

The vac truck has become vital to the daily operations and a valuable tool.