Courtesy of TT Technologies Inc.

Compaction Method

The compaction method of pipe installation is based on the concept of displacing the material away from the desired bore trajectory. Spoil removal is non-existent for this method of boring. Soil conditions play a major role in the selection of this boring method. There are two different types of compaction methods that are available here at Aaron Enterprises. They are:

1. The Push Rod Method
2. The Percussion Method

The Percussion Method

The percussion method of compaction boring uses a self propelling piercing tool to drive through the ground. In smaller diameter pipes where line and grade is not critical Aaron Enterprises would utilize what is commonly called a "hole hog". The hole hog is a pneumatic tool powered by a small air compressor. As the tool hammers away, the earth is both compacted and pushed away. Product, depending on type, can either be attached directly behind the tool and follow it to target or can be inserted after the bore is completed and the tool is removed.