Pipe bursting illustration

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Pipe bursting illustration 2

Courtesy of Nowak Pipe Reaming, Inc.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is similar to slip lining in the fact that an existing pipe must be in place to employ this technique. When product pipes are damaged or the existing service line is too small, pipe bursting may be the most cost effective solution. This methodology involves the use of a high powered piercing tool designed to split or break the existing pipe while simultaneously replacing it with a new pipe. Pipe bursting is often times a better solution than slip lining because this technique actually allows the operator to enlarge the hole giving the replacement utility greater capacity.

The concept of pipe bursting is simple. In proper soil conditions a piercing tool would destroy the existing pipe and enlarge the carrier hole by compacting the old pipe and surrounding materials out of the way. A newer technique developed by Nowak Pipe Reaming, Inc. has developed a system called InneReam®. This method is similar to pipe bursting in that an existing pipe must be destroyed before the replacement process begins. The difference lies in how the old utility is dealt with. The InneReam® system uses a directional drill and implements a spoils removal method to bring the broken pipe and other debris out of the bore location. This is a very useful system when dealing with less than favorable soil conditions.

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