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Aaron Enterprises, Inc. serves a vast range of owners and customers. With the experience and knowledge to operate in the following industry sectors:

• Sewer • Water • Oil and Gas • Storm Water • Electric • Communication • Transportation

Customers Served | Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Aaron Enterprises has completed some interesting projects over the past few years. Below is a list of projects that are either in progress or recently completed.

Fairview TBM Bore Project: Fairview Township 24" Sewer under the PA turnpike, York PA

385 linear feet bore with a 54" TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) under the PA turnpike for the widening of the turnpike and relocation of the 24" sewer. The crossing was particularly challenging due to the ground conditions. A slightly hard stand stone was on the bottom of the bore path and a softer dirt/conglomerate on top. The bore went well despite a breakdown of the speed reducer at 300 feet.

National Business Parks Bore Project: National Business Parks, Fort Meade, Md
Description: The project consisted of several bores of varying lengths and diameters for 15" sanitary sewer. The final bore on the project was 350 linear feet of 54" casing under Route 32. The bore was challenging due to the inconsistent soil conditions that were encountered during the crossing. Sloppy working conditions, numerous boulders, and several tree roots were excavated during the casing installation. The final crossing was completed using Aaron's 72" American Augers boring machine. The launch pit was 40 feet long by 16 feet wide by 28 feet deep. A mini bobcat skid loader was also utilized to help with spoils removal from the pit. Watch our video on youtube: Aaron Enterprises National Business Parks
Targa HDD drilling
Project: Targa Terminal HDD, Baltimore MD

Installation of 1,450 linear feet of 20" steel pipe for fuel lines from a tank farm to the terminal in Baltimore Md. The project was completed in December of 2014 and cold weather made for challenging drilling conditions on this project.
PTC Mainline Toll Plaza Tunnel and box culvert jacking Project: PTC Mainline Toll Plaza, Bensalem PA
Description: 136 linear foot tunnel and jacking of an 8 foot by 7 foot box culvert under the Pennsylvania turnpike.
MPO bores and HDD Project: Comus Construction LLC, MPO North to South Substation Bores and Horizontal Directional Drill, Forte Meade Maryland
  • (2) Horizontal directional drill shots of 3,134 linear feet.
  • (1) 532 linear foot slick bore of 42" Hobas Pipe.
  • Installation of (10) 6" and (1) 2" PVC conduit and thermal grout for electric.
GSP 72 inch boring machine Project: GSP Culvert Repairs, Holmdel NJ
  • (1) bore at 200 Linear feet and
  • (1) bore at 170 Linear feet both of 54" casing using a new 72" American Augers boring machine. Installed 42" HDPE corrugated pipe for storm sewer.
Sunoco nat gas line Project: Otis Eastern-Sunoco Gas Line, Michigan
Description: Successfully pulled old gas line and installed 5,000 feet of new 8" gas line using an extraction method.
thermal grout Project: Infrasource Hershey-Reese PPL, Hershey Pennsylvania
Description: Bore 100 Linear feet of 36"casing under route 422. Install (5) 6" HDPE pipe and conduits and thermal grout the lines inside the casing for electric.

Directional Driling of 16 inch Project: PVR/Consolidated Resources-Washington, PA
Description: Directional drilling installation of 1,167 linear feet of 16 inch steel casing for Marcellus Shale gas well gathering lines.
duck creek bores and hdd Project: Duck Creek, Smyrna Deleware
Description: Financed by the department of Agriculture this project consists of
  • (1) 330 linear feet of 12 inch water line for future use,
  • (2) 24 inch conventional bores for forced water main, and
  • (3) 1350 linear feet of HD 12" for forced water main
  • Watch our video on youtube from this job site:
  • Aaron Enterprises DD110 Directional Drill Video
monument street vertical shaft Project: Monument Street, Baltimore, Md
Description: Installation of a 22 foot diameter, 50 foot deep vertical shaft, clean out existing debris, and reline existing 120 inch culvert with 114 inch liner plates for 400 Linear feet of storm water culvert in downtown Baltimore
bluestone HDD Project: Bluestone Gathering, Susquehanna County, PA
Description: Directional drilling installation of 2,400 Linear feet of 20" steel gas main, 16" HDPE, and 16" steel gas main for Marcellus Shale gas well gathering lines.
RW Gathering HDD Project: RW Gathering, New Alexandria, PA
Description:Directional drilling installation of 465 linear feet of 12 inch steel gas line and 820 linear feet of 16 inch steel gas line for Marcellus Shale gas well gathering lines. Steel lines were installed under wet lands with no disturbance or infringement on the environmentally sensitive areas.
HDD gravity sewer
Project: Manchester Township, York, PA
Description: Installation of 846 linear feet of 10" hdpe gravity sewer line by directional drilling method. A 5 ¾" pilot hole was drilled on less than 1 percent grade and line and a reamer was used to enlarge the opening to accept the 10" HDPE. The entire job was in varied rock. Learn more about this project here: Read More
Eden Road shaft and hand tunnel
Project: Eden Road Pumping Station, Lancaster, PA
Description: Installation in solid limestone two 30 vertical feet 14 feet diameter shafts, 100 linear feet of 72 inch diameter liner plate tunnel and section of curved liner tunnel for 36 inch ductile iron gravity sewer line.
Centre County jack and bore
Project: Centre County SR 80, Clarence, PA
Description: Jack and bore installation of 36 inch diameter steel casing 200 linear feet halfway under Interstate 80 for the installation of a 6 inch slotted hdpe line for acid mine drainage. After the 6 inch hdpe was in place the 36 inch steel casing was removed while installing an aggregate to fill void and create water drainage.
Downe Township HDD
Project: Downe Township, Newport, NJ
Description: Directional drill installation of 1,440 linear feet of 8 inch hdpe gas line in environmentally sensitive area. Crossing consisting of drilling parallel to county roadway and at depths of 60 vertical feet under stream for avoidance of existing bridge support structures.
tunnel substation
Project: Tunnel Substation System, Philadelphia, PA
Description: Installation of 380 linear feet of 42 inch steel casing under Amtrak and Septa northeast high speed corridor to house electrical conduits for PECO substation.
Woodmore Town Center pilot tube and bore
Project: Woodmore Town Center, Landover, MD
Description: Microtunnel pilot tube installation of 340 linear feet of 48 inch steel casing for 27 inch gravity sewer line under MD SR 202.
TBM Tunnel Boring Machine Landfill
Project: Landfill Gas Pipeline, Easton, PA
Description: Tunnel boring machine installation of 390 linear feet of 54 inch steel casing in rock, clay and boulders under Interstate 78 for multiple utilities including a methane gas line for adjacent landfill.
Jack and bore Manassas
Project: Manassas Gas Main, Centerville, VA
Description: Jack and bore installation of 1,142 linear feet of 42 inch steel casing. Steeling jacking pipe was bored into place and then the steel gas line was installed as steel casing removed.
HDD royersford
Project: Royersford River Crossing, Royersford, PA
Description: Directional Drill installation of 800 linear feet of 12 inch hdpe water main under the Royersford River. Project also consisted of open trenching for water line and related restoration of earth and roads.
Ocean Spray Storm water
Project: Ocean Spray Stormwater, Bordentown, NJ
Description: Project consisted of a 130 linear feet 42" steel casing jack and bore under CSX railroad and 400 linear feet of open trench for 30 inch smooth line concrete pipe and end-wall structure and all discharge connections from building.
francis scott key high school HDD
Project: Francis Scott Key High School, Union Bridge, MD
Description: Directional drill installation of 18,400 linear feet of 4 inch hdpe sewer line from pumping station to treatment plant and the demolition of existing pump station and construction of new pump station.
Ripple road 48 inch TBM
Project: Ripple Road, Windsor Mill, MD
Description: Tunnel boring machine installation of 525 linear feet 48 inch steel casing in solid rock and 300 linear feet of open trench for 16 inch ductile iron gravity sewer line. Also included 5 manhole installs and all related earth and street restoration.

Customers Served

Below is a list of customers we have served over our history:

Baltimore County Department Of Public Works
Carroll County Department Of Public Works
Canoy Township
The Mayor/City Council of Ocean City, MD
Lower Bucks County
Swatara Township Authority
Strasburg Railroad Company
York City Sewer Authority
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission(WSSC)
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Kinsley Construction, Inc.
Stewart & Tate, Inc.
Pact Construction, Inc.
Daisy Construction
Cherry Hill Construction
Allan A. Myers
American Infrastructure
Mazzuca Enterprises, Inc.
Michael F. Ronca & Sons, Inc.
Ronkin Construction
Reliable Construction
James D. Morrissey, Inc.
Carp-Seca Corporation
Whiting & Turner Contracting
University Of Maryland
Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.
Harkins Builders, Inc.
The Artery Group, LLC.
AQUA America-Pennsylvania
Bucks County Sewer/Water Authority

Chester Water Authority
Columbia Water Company
Guilford Water Authority
Marietta Gravity Water Company
New Freedom Water Authority
PA American Water, Inc.
W Manchester Water Authority
York Water Company
Columbia Gas
Williams  Gas
South Jersey Gas
Spectra Engery
UGI Gas Services
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
H.T. Sweeney & Son, Inc.
Northern Pipeline, Inc.
Danella Line Services
H.T. Sweeney & Son, Inc.
Kenny Construction Company
PPL Electric Utilities Corporation
Northern Reading Railroad
HRI, Contractors.
Utility Line Services, Inc.